Another Change – Temporarily Grab-N-Go

In our continuing effort to remain open for business and protect everyone from COVID19 exposure, we are making the following changes immediately.
Horsefeathers is now operating like a “grab-and-go” business. We have placed tables just inside the front door; customers will not be allowed past the front section. The tables will be staffed; some of our more popular merchandise has also been moved directly behind the tables.
Whatever you need, we will go into the store and bring it out for you. It would help if you had a good idea what you’re looking to buy. We still are not sizing body jewelry, so please know your size. We will bring trays of body jewelry to you for you to look through, but please, no touching. You also will not be able to try on any clothing.
We have to limit the number of people (including children) in the store at any time to four, so please keep this in mind when you visit. If you have friends who are not shopping, please ask them to wait outside. Please allow extra time as we have to sanitize the area after each customer, as well, the staff has to wash their hands. And please, if you have any cold or flu symptoms, do not go out. We will ask anyone who appears ill to leave. Please understand we are putting some strict rules in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.
We also encourage you to buy a gift certificate. We’re offering a 10% bonus on all gift certificates, and they never expire. You can buy them in person, or if  you don’t want to leave the house, you can call me (Jim, the General Manager) to order a one. Gift certificates help us out a lot; if the CDC or government mandates that non-essential businesses close, this gives us much needed money today that we can use to pay employees and the bills. Call Jim on 775-573-8738 (do not call the store); I’ll send you an email with an electronic invoice you can pay with a credit or debit card, and I’ll mail it to you for future use.
The current situation can change quickly, so please call the store to ensure we are open for your visit, to make certain we are open and to ensure we have what you’re looking for in stock.  847-244-3100.
While we will post updates on Facebook, please join the email list. That guarantees you are receiving the most up to date information; we all know Facebook information doesn’t get to everyone.
One last thing – we are closing this Saturday at 4 pm; we will not be open during Artwauk.
We appreciate your continued business and support.

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