Reopening observations

Ah, yesterday’s post never made it. Here’s a few notes after being open two days.
First, thank you to everyone who showed up the past two days. It has been a fabulous and busy two days. 99.999% of you have been kind, generous, patient, and wonderful. We utterly appreciate you as customers and human beings!
After being closed for over a year, and with the new policies and store setup, we’re still working through some kinks. A few things we wanted to let you know about.
1. We were unaware that a long line had formed outside on Tuesday. We apologize to those who waited and had to be turned away as we were closing. We can only have 8 customers in the store at one time, and as you know, some transactions take a while. We put markings (“x” in circle) on the sidewalk; keep each group six feet apart, and please don’t get in line if there are five groups of people (I wrote “End of Line” just past the Masons’ doorway). Remember, no one under 12, no non-shoppers so we can best serve customers. We now are viewing the line through the door. To ensure everyone gets served and our employees get home at a decent hour, we’re cutting off the line at 5:30; store is still open to 6.
2. Masks – most everyone had on a proper mask, and we appreciate that and thank you for it. However, some of you still took off your masks inside the store, especially when discussing nose rings/pins. We cannot have you take off your mask for any reason while you are in the store. Please don’t.
3. Most of the feedback has been positive, but we wanted to let you know that some of the changes are temporary … “Pandemic Policies”. Once we get back into the daily groove, we’ll start working on the second room so we can reopen it. We will, eventually, go back to selling oils, belly dance and other clothing, posters, singing bowls, etc. Once the pandemic subsides, we can get rid of all this acrylic as well! (Future contest – what do we build out of 60,000 square inches of acrylic?!?!)
We know there’s other things we will need to address, and we’ll keep you up-to-datehere and through email. Those are the two quickest and most up-to-date sources for info.