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UPDATED: How to Order by Phone or Email

Horsefeathers PICKUP AND DELIVERY Policies Effective May 26, 2020. Please read, there’s a lot here.

The following policies are in effect immediately for pickup and delivery. We put these measures in place to ensure the health & safety of our employees and customers during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. These polices are based on guidance from the State of Illinois Governor’s office, CDC (Center for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health), and WHO (World Health Organization). These policies will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. We will change these policies once we can reopen the shop.

1.      WE ARE ACCEPTING EMAIL AND PHONE ORDERS ONLY. Do not show up expecting to enter store. The retails store remains closed per instruction from the Illinois Governor’s office. We do not have a website where you can order product yet. DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT HERE IN AN ATTEMPT TO PLACE AN ORDER.


a.      Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, closed Sunday and Monday and holidays.


a.      Call 847-244-3100 to place an order

b.      Orders accepted between noon and 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Do not call outside these hours to place an order.

c.      Do not leave a voice mail; if we cannot answer the phone, please call back at another time.

d.      After we understand your order, we will email you an invoice. If you do not have an email (we prefer email), we will take your credit card by phone. We will not use your email for anything other than sending a payment invoice.


a.      Orders accepted 24×7

b.      Email

c.      You must include the word “ORDER” in your subject line. If you do not your order will be delayed.


a.      Only the following products are being sold right now: Incense, Tapestries, Body Jewelry (See Below), Crystals and Stones, Sages and Smudges, Pendants, Oils

b.      Be as specific as possible. Email photos if you have them. We will call or email you if we need details.

c.      Do not send messages or post comments on social media to place an order.

d.      We cannot guarantee your order will be ready same day.


a.      You must know your size. Shortly we will post on our blog a guide which will help you size your current body jewelry. Even after the store reopens, we will not be sizing body jewelry.

b.      No body jewelry above 1” is for sale until we reopen.

7.      PAYMENT

a.      We are not accepting cash currently.

b.      Phone and email orders will have an additional 3% fee because it costs us 3% more to process credit cards in this manner.

c.      We prefer you provide an email as it makes the payment and receipt process a lot easier for all



a.      After you pay, please call the store to set up a pickup time.

b.      Pickups can be made Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to noon and 4 pm to 6 pm.

c.      Please be on time. If you cannot make the scheduled pickup time, call us to reschedule. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP.

d.      Bring your receipt information, you will need it.

e.      You will see two Buddhas in the window. If the red one is lit, do not approach the pickup area.

f.       When you arrive, stay outside the marked semi-circle in front of the store, or in your car.

g.      Call us to let us know you have arrived. We will confirm your last name and total purchase amount.

h.      An employee will bring your purchase outside and it will be placed on the table in front of our door.

i.        The employee goes back inside. The green Buddha lights up … you’re good to go! You can now go to the table and pick up your purchase.

j.        Inspect your purchase before you leave. If there are issues, call us immediately.

9.      WE PREFER MASKS BE WORN WHEN PICKING UP ORDERS. If you will not or cannot wear a mask, we won’t be able to help you if there’s an issue with your order. We all want to avoid spreading or contracting COVID19; if management determines your actions put our employee’s in harm’s way, we will return the merchandise to inventory and refund your money. Please be considerate.

10.  SOCIAL DISTANCING MUST BE MAINTAINED. The reason for the process is to ensure we all stay at least six feet apart. Please respect this process.

11.  DO NOT COME TO THE SHOP IF YOU’RE SICK. Stay home If you are exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms (cough, runny nose, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath) or are waiting the results of a COVID19 test.

We’re all for freedom, but we cannot do, or not do, things that put others in harm’s way. It is about mutual respect. None of us are enjoying the new policies that must be in place until the spread of novel coronavirus is under control. Likewise, none of us want to get sick. Our health and your health are our number one priority, thus these new policies. We care about you, that is why we are doing this. We ask that you equally care about the staff at Horsefeathers by following these policies. Flagrant violation of any Horsefeathers policy could result in your being permanently prohibited from shopping here. No one wants that!

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