Millions of Products to Choose From

Everywhere you turn there is more!

Horsefeathers has literally millions of items in the store. Here is a sampling of what you can find in stock! Huge variety of body jewelry

Body Jewelry

Our huge selection of body jewelry, hand picked by the owners, is amazing. Pretty much whatever you are looking for we have. Barbells (straight, curved, spiral, twists; barbells); Stud (tragus, labret, monroe, bites); Circulars (captive ring, horseshoe, loops, lip rings); Nipple Shields; Large Gauge (plugs, tunnels, tapers); Septum Clickers; Dermal Tops ... and tens of thousands of Belly Rings! We carry sizes from 20 gauge up to 3 inches, and all types of materials - surgical steel, titanium, gold, plastics, acrylic, rubber, silicone, bone, horn, stone, and wood.


Infinite smells!

Incense & Burners

Stick incense, from basic to exotic, as well as cones, resins, blends. Charcoal briquettes, and all kinds of burners. Some name brands are Satya, Auroshika, Ganesh, Morningstar, Shoyeido, Spirirual Sky. We also carry Nag Champa and many of the variations of Nag Champa scents. Everything you need to make your place smell great!



  Rings on your Fingers


Hundreds of surgical steel skulls, biker, costume, and sterling silver rings from size 1 to 15.




  Instant Messaging!

Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts

A vast selection unusual and smile-inducing posters, stickers, buttons and t-shirts. Licensed merchandise from many bands including The Grateful Dead and Bob Marley.




  Creative clothing from around the globe

Unique and Interesting Clothing

Much more than just t-shirts -- Baja hoodies, saris, belly dance outfits, Nepalese mittens and booties, funky belts, fur trimmed vests from Kashmir.





Looking around Horsefeathers, there is so much more here. Nepalese gloves & hand warmers; abalone shell incense burners; knit hats; door beads; drums from around the world; sage; necklaces; bags and purses; belts; hand woven footstools; meditation cushions; beaded and mirrored pillows; Rasta hats; friendship bracelets; bindis; dream catchers; masks; tapestries; singing Bowls. Come in today and find your personal treasures!