While our founder, Kathie Vaglienty, is no longer with us, her spirit lives on in Horsefeathers. We proudly conduct business every day in a manner that she herself would be proud of.

Kathie’s StoryHorsefeathers Inc - Kathie

“At nineteen, I had the dream of traveling the world, seeing exotic places, meeting people who were different from me … but I didn’t have the means to fulfill that dream at that time. However, I never lost sight of that dream.

In 1984, I opened a store which I called ‘Horsefeathers’. At first, it was a junk store, selling items I literally found on the street. I slowly moved into selling antiques, and then discovered the world of vintage clothing. We sold to anyone and everyone, our reputation spread … we sold clothing to Columbia Pictures for ‘A League of Their Own’ (Madonna wore ‘my’ underwear!) and to theater groups around Illinois.

In June of 1987, a friend invited me to a Grateful Dead concert at Alpine Valley. I was blown away by what I saw! All these young people wearing the most beautiful colors and clothing! That concert changed my life and the direction of Horsefeathers. I started selling imported clothing, jewelry, and anything else I could find — all inspired by that concert. And that led me back to my dream of traveling the world. That is what I do now … I travel the world so I can bring the very best I find on my adventures back to my store for my customers to enjoy.”