Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals, Rocks

Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals, Rocks

If you’re on our mailing list, or following us on social media, you know we’re doing a survey to see what types of crystals or minerals you would like to see in the shop. If you have not provided your input yet, here’s the link!

Your input so far has been great and really interesting. We want to make this blog post to address a couple of the comments submitted, and see if we can get some additional feedback.

  1. “Like that you have crystals now but even when you had your 50% off sale the prices were absolutely outrageous. You’d sell much more if you priced them appropriately.” There was some confusion on how we priced our crystals and gemstones. There is a price tag on every item, and your actual purchase price is 50% off that. Many people thought the 50% was already reflected in the price tag on the stones. We’re going to be clearer about this in the future, thanks!
  2. “Any grounding stones?” Based on the survey, grounding stones were further down the list of responses. But we know there’s a demand for these, so expect to see smoky quartz and hematite items in the shop in March!
  3. “I would love to see more sterling silver mineral/crystal rings!! I go every time I’m in town just to find authentic opal as a necklace or ring. The daintier, the better!” We hear you, and we’re going to be looking at various sources for sterling silver crystal and semi-precious stone rings. Regardless of source, natural opal is a more expensive stone, but we’ll do the best we can!
  4. “I would love to see guides/list to what frequency the gems, stones, etc…. are and what their healing and energy is!” There is currently a two-page chart in the store that outlines this for what we have in stock right now. As we add to inventory, we are going to expand that list to cover anything we have in stock.
  5. “The Dude abides ?” We could not agree more.
  6. “Small pieces” we’d like to get some guidance on what is meant by this. Small stones? Smaller sized rings? Small statues? Please let us know via the contact page on the website, and thanks.
  7. “Pendulums.” Heard and we are stocking up!
  8. “Can we get some rune stones?” We have pondered this, as well, tarot cards. However, the best runes and tarot card sets come with a great guide book, and that significantly increases the cost beyond what most of our customers expect to pay. We can recommend some great Chicago stores if you send us an email.
  9. So many of the messages were words of appreciation and love, and we thank you so much for that!

The survey closes Saturday, so please click that link if you want to participate.