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    All those flags! For Pride we have 18 flags representing various aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community. We posted explanations and background on every flag plus an additional 16 pages of details. The attached PDF will give you all of that information. We hope this helps to bring to light a more complete view of what it means to be part of the Queer Community! We still have work to do on the flags, but once done, they are a permanent part of the front of our store! Details on Horsefeathers Pride Flags    

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    Summer Sale is On!

    Big. June. Sale. Our big summer sale started June 1st and goes until June 30th. EVERYTHING has a discount! Clearance sale – while supplies last! o   Pendulums: normally $15 to $18, now $5.00 o   Platonic Shapes: normally $20, now $5.00 o   Sacred Geometry Sets: normally $25, now $15.00 o   Animal tails: normally $15 to $20, now $5.00 — 20% off all non-sale items (excludes body jewelry) — Body Jewelry Sale. Buy 10 or more pieces at the same price point, 50% discount! — 50% off (all Crystals/Stone)

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    Store Policies – Revised 04-2022

    Horsefeathers Store Policies Effective April 1, 2022 Updated April 2022: With the virus still with us, but with more people vaccinated, we’re changing our store polices to reflectAll have been put in place for a reason; some will be happy about them, others not so happy, some won’t care, and we realize this. We’ve really put a lot of thought into these changes and feel they are for the best, especially when it comes to health and safety. Some may change in the future, but for now, these are our store policies. If you want a reply to your comments or questions it’s best to email us directly rather than…

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    Revised Zero Tolerance Mask Policy

    Stricter Mask Policy goes into effect January 4, 2022 The following revised policies are in effect for Horsefeathers effective immediately. We put these measures in place to ensure the health & safety of our employees and customers during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. These polices are based on guidance from the State of Illinois Governor’s office, CDC (Center for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health), and WHO (World Health Organization). These policies will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. Violation of any Horsefeathers Store Policies will result in you being asked to leave the store.   PROPER MASKS MUST BE WORN TO ENTER THE STORE & AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN…

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    Smudging Ritual

    Smudging Ritual Hello! We had requests from some of you on how to use the various smudges that we have in the shop. Here is some information that will help you smudge your space! If you click on the title “Smudging Ritual” you can download a PDF of this information. The happiest spaces can accumulate negative energy over time, so it is helpful to smudge a few times a year; some smudge weekly. Also smudge your workspace periodically (preferably not during busy office hours), and use smudging to clear your own bodily energy or the energy of other people. Smudging is an ageless and sacred ritual; it should be performed…

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    New Smudges are In

    Our shipment arrived and the smudges are for sale! We have over 40 different types of sages and smudges for sale in the shop as of May 14, 2021.   Name Black Sage (Mugwort) Blessing Smudge Blue Sage Blue Sage + Lavender Smudge Blue Sage + Yerba Santa Smudge Cedar Smudge Copal Smudge Desert Sage Dragon’s Blood + White Sage Smudge Dragon’s Blood + Mountain Sage Smudge Dream Spirit (Mountain Sage) Eucalyptus Smudge Fix a Broken Heart Smudge Frankincense Smudge Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Smudge Heart Healing Smudge Lavender + Blue Sage + Yerba Santa Lavender Smudge Love Smudge Mountain Sage (Dream Spirit) Mugwort (Black Sage) Myrrh Smudge New Beginnings…

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    The Triumphant Reopening of Horsefeathers in Downtown Waukegan!

    2021 Press Release on Reopening The Triumphant Reopening of Horsefeathers in Downtown Waukegan! Waukegan, Illinois – April 18, 2021  – On Tuesday, April 20th, Horsefeathers is finally reopening after being closed for more than a year. The novel coronavirus pandemic has kept us closed for 13 months, and it required a lot of time, effort, and money to reinvent the retail shopping experience. We are finally ready to welcome everyone back to Horsefeathers. The health and safety of our customers and employees is the cornerstone of this new business. We’ve reinvented Horsefeathers; mandatory mask policy, extensive sanitation processes; everything is behind over 60,000 square inches of acrylic; two commercial recirculating…

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    20210331 Sizing Body Jewelry

    March 31, 2021 How to Size Body Jewelry.    When you read our new store policies, you will learn we are no longer sizing body jewelry. We recognize many do not know their body jewelry sizes, so we are going to start providing you the tools you need to know your sizes. This will make your shopping experience at Horsefeathers so much easier! 2021 Sizing Guide Body Jewelry First step is to print out the below sizing guide. Printing guides out so they can be used to size things can be tricky, so once you’ve printed the guide, drop a quarter over the lower right side picture of a quarter.…

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    20210330 Proper Masks Worn Properly

    March 30, 2021 Proper Masks Worn Properly Are Mandatory at Horsefeathers This should not be such a divisive topic, but here goes. You must wear a proper mask to enter Horsefeathers. You must wear your mask properly. You must keep the mask on at all times while inside Horsefeathers. If you have a disability such that you cannot wear a mask, reasonable accommodation is outlined here: http://shophorsefeathers.com/ada-statement-mask-wearing/ If you choose to not wear a proper mask, you will not be allowed in the shop.