Masks required on some days after 3-1-2022

This store policy replaces all previous mask policies.

Per current CDC guidance if “community level” is low, masks are optional. If “community level” is medium, masks are recommended for high-risk people. Both the owner and manager of Horsefeathers, as well as many of our customers, are high risk.

Each day we will check the CDC website to see what the community level is for Lake County IL.

If it is low, masks are optional but preferred. We would love it if you wore a mask, but they are not required.

If it is medium or higher, we will require masks in the store. Masks will be provided if you do not have one. If you don’t want to wear a mask, please delay your visit to Horsefeathers  to a day when the community level is low.

We will post the “community level” in our front window each morning.

In case anyone was wondering, WE HATE THIS JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO. We also are not having a good time enforcing a mask mandate. But please, stop fighting with us about this. Stop the anger, the screaming, the arguing, the cursing, the terrible online reviews and Facebook comments … many of you have heard Jim’s old man joke “We’re not asking you to change religions or tattoo our logo on your face … we just want you to wear a mask!”. Fortunately, less than 1% of our customers take issue with the mask mandate but dealing with them is draining.
If you’re part of the other 99% and want to show some love, we’d really appreciate a Google review Or even a Yelp review if you prefer!
We realize some of you think the pandemic is over, that masks are stupid, that we’re too harsh with enforcement. You are allowed to feel that way just as we are allowed to have store policies such as requiring masks. We have high risk customers and staff; for example, there’s a cancer treatment center 4 miles from the store. We’re wearing masks mainly to protect THEM.
There will be no changes to our internal policies. Employees check temperature on arrival for their shift, we question them about possible exposure, the acrylic panels will remain up, circulator fans will be used when more than six people are in the shop, and all staff members are vaccinated and boosted.
Thank you.