New Smudges are In

Our shipment arrived and the smudges are for sale! We have over 40 different types of sages and smudges for sale in the shop as of May 14, 2021.


Black Sage (Mugwort)
Blessing Smudge
Blue Sage
Blue Sage + Lavender Smudge
Blue Sage + Yerba Santa Smudge
Cedar Smudge
Copal Smudge
Desert Sage
Dragon’s Blood + White Sage Smudge
Dragon’s Blood + Mountain Sage Smudge
Dream Spirit (Mountain Sage)
Eucalyptus Smudge
Fix a Broken Heart Smudge
Frankincense Smudge
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Smudge
Heart Healing Smudge
Lavender + Blue Sage + Yerba Santa
Lavender Smudge
Love Smudge
Mountain Sage (Dream Spirit)
Mugwort (Black Sage)
Myrrh Smudge
New Beginnings Smudge
Palo Santo Sticks
Pine Smudge
Piñon Pine Smudge
Prosperity Smudge
Protection Smudge (Sagebrush)
Rosemary Smudge
Seven Chakra (Rainbow) Smudge
Shasta Sage
White Sage (Large)
White Sage + Blue Sage
White Sage + Blue Sage + Yerba Santa
White Sage + Cedar Smudge
White Sage + Eucalyptus Smudge
White Sage + Rosemary Smudge
White Sage + Ruda Rue Smudge
White Sage + Yerba Santa
Yerba Santa