New in Stock as of 12/2/2023

  • Over $15,000 of our larger crystals and minerals have been dramatically reduced in price, some up to 90% off. We need the space on our shelves for new products, so this is your chance to pick up a super big holiday gift for someone.
  • New product: 3-inch metal smudge cup. Copper colored tin. Use it for smudging or fill with rice or sand and burn resin in it! $12.00
  • Polished Black Agate altar tile (sun dial) with gold-printed Moon Phases and Quartz Crystal Sun Clock. $15.00
  • Metal Day of the Dead Skull incense burner (cones and sticks) $10.00 plus copal: cones, sticks, resin ($1 to $2)
  • Frankincense & Myrrh (new supplier!) $5.00 for 5-pack
    Dragon’s Blood (new supplier!) $5.00 for 5-pack
  • Selenite grounding plates, super thick (3/4“  inch) $20.00
  • Extraterrestrial stones are finally out! Iron/stony meteorites; tektites from Vietnam; Libyan Desert Glass; Moldavite! 90 pieces in total starting at $10.00.
  • Even more cabochons. Chevron Amethyst, Labradorite, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Unakite … and coffins! Over 170 cabochons in stock in various stones. $5 and up.
  • Unusual and rare crystals such as Herkimer Diamonds. Copper Spheres, Tibetan Quartz, Raw Amethyst and Bloodstone, Pink Optical Calcite, Peacock Ore.
  • Stone shapes (mushrooms, moons, hearts, stars) and new stone animals … starting at $2 each.
  • Bajas are restocked and we have all sizes and new colors in stock.
  • All temporary tattoos (metallic and Grateful Dead) reduced to $3.00. Once we sell out, these will not be restocked.
  • Opals are in stock. Some polished, some raw. Boulder Opal from Australia and Ethiopian Opals. $15 (net price) and up.
  • We have nine Taos Log Drums in stock and they are priced to move. 60% off normal retail pricing. These will be available the week of December 4th.