10/19/2020 Update … kind of … on the shop!

Update 10/19/2020

We’ve received a number of messages asking for an update. Nothing has changed, but here’s some information.
We will reopen. We do not have a date yet. (“SOON!”) We will send notification well in advance to our email list, so please join it.
We will also post it on our website blog. The most recent blog entry (in this case, this one!) is the most recent. Yeah, that sounds stupid as I write it, but someone said to me “the blog is not up-to-date”. It is, we just have no new news!
We are still working on redesigning the interior of the store to ensure a safe shopping experience for all customers and employees. It is requiring a lot more work than we imagined. Custom acrylic was tough to get, but we did get it!
You will see a lot of work going on in the next few weeks on the store. Our windows will be boarded up while they are replaced. Same with the doors. Hopefully a new sign will go up as well. Again, watch the website, blog, social media, and email list for updates.
Some decisions we have made about how we will operate when we reopen:
You must wear a proper mask. No exceptions. No mask, no Horsefeathers.
We will limit the number of people in the store at one time so we can ensure social distancing (remember, the guidance is “wear a mask” AND “stay six feet apart”. Maximum is ten, including staff.
Because of the limit on number of people, no one under 12 years of age allowed in the store.
Only certain stock will be for sale. The front room and body jewelry will be open, the back room will not be open. Because of this, we need you to have a good idea what you are looking for so we can serve you faster and better. No browsing. No children (under 12 or so).
We will not size your body jewelry. You need to know your sizes. You might want to invest in a caliper and learn how to use it to determine your sizes.
Hang in there. Watch the blog and get on the email list for updates.