20201029 Construction Update


October 29, 2020

If you’re in Waukegan, you’re going to notice a lot of construction activity over the next few weeks as we prepare to reopen. Today we’re having those two gigantic safes removed. This will free up a large amount of floor space for us.

We had to remove the dressing rooms to remove the safes, but do not worry … we saved the paintings that were done by Jennifer (way back in the 90’s!)  and will find a good place to display those once the remodel is done.

Starting on Friday, the storefront windows are being removed, temporarily boarded up, and replaced – all new framing and window glass. Jim is currently tearing out the black ceramic tiles from the middle window. We were thinking of saving the tiles and offering them to those who want them, for example, to use as a heatproof surface under a charcoal burner. What do you think?

So when you pass by and see windows or doors boarded up, please know we are not permanently closed, we were not looted, we have not gone out of business (all rumors we’ve seen online!). We’re in the final stages of getting ready to reopen!

More news to come on how we are reinventing Horsefeathers to provide a safe, sanitary environment during these crazy pandemic times. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or here for updates.