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    Smoke Cleansing Ritual

    Smoke Cleansing Ritual Hello! We had requests from some of you on how to use the various smudges and resins that we have in the shop. Here is some information that will help you smudge your space! If you click on the title “Smoke Cleansing Ritual” you can download a PDF of this information. Smoke Cleansing Background Even the happiest spaces accumulate negative energy over time, so it makes sense to cleanse with smoke a few times a year; some even do this weekly! Remember to also cleanse your workspace periodically (preferably not during busy office hours) and use smoke cleansing to clear your own bodily energy or the energy of…

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    Here we are, day 961 of the novel coronavirus mayhem. We’re still selling oils … but how, you may ask, if one cannot remove their mask to smell them! Well, we’ve created scent profiles, which give you a great sense of what each smells like. Oil Scent Profiles

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    Crystals, Gems, Minerals at Horsefeathers

    Last month we brought almost 400 pounds of crystals, minerals, and gems back from a buying trip. We have a printed guide in the store for the items we have in stock. Below is a link so you can have a copy of that guide! Please bear in mind some items will sell out. We have most of these crystals and minerals in one form or another: Stone Bead Bracelets, Druzy, Eggs, Freeform, Hearts,  Obelisks,  Palm Stones, Pendants, Pendulums, Points, Polished Points, Pyramids, Rough Points, Sacred Geometry Sets, One-sided and Two-Sided Slabs, Spheres, Tea Light Holders. Crystals Gemstones Minerals List

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    Platonic Solids / Sacred Geometry Products

    Platonic Solids The Platonic Solids have been studied for thousands of years. They are named for the Greek philosopher Plato who hypothesized that the classical elements were made of these regular solids. Plato equated the tetrahedron with the “element” fire, the cube with earth, the octahedron with air, the icosahedron with water, the octahedron with air, and the dodecahedron with the stuff of which the constellations and heavens were made. Therefore, one could conclude that all matter in the universe is made of the Platonic solid shapes. Sacred Geometry System Add the sphere and merkaba and we have the enter the complex world of Sacred Geometry Systems. We can now…

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    Sages and Smudges List

    Hello all. For those who come to Horsefeathers looking for smudging and sage products, you’ve probably noticed the information sheet we put together that is tied to the sage and smudge rack. The below link is a copy of that document.  Smudge-and-Sage-product-information-sheet Have a great day!