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20210327 New Store Policies

March 27, 2021 With our new world comes new store policies at Horsefeathers. All have been put in place for a reason; some will be happy about them, others not so happy, some won’t care, and we realize this. We’ve really put a lot of thought into these changes and feel they are for the best, especially when it comes to health and safety. Some may change in the future, but for now, these are our store policies. If you want a reply to your comments or questions it’s best to email us directly rather than just comment below (

2021 store policies

Horsefeathers Store Policies Effective January 1, 2021

The following policies are in effect for Horsefeathers. We put these measures in place to ensure the health & safety of our employees and customers during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. These polices are based on guidance from the State of Illinois Governor’s office, CDC (Center for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health), and WHO (World Health Organization). These policies will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. Violation of any Horsefeathers Store Policies will result in you being asked to leave the store.

  1. MASKS MUST BE WORN TO ENTER STORE & AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN STORE. If you will not or cannot wear a mask, you must order by telephone or email. This policy complies with current guidance from the Federal Government on ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). By permitting an alternative accommodation we are following ADA regulations. Details are on how to order are on our website.
  2. PROPER MASKS MUST BE WORN. Gaiters, bandanas, face shields, masks with vents, balaclavas, turtlenecks pulled over your nose, jackets zipped up to cover your mouth … it’s been over a year, you know what a proper mask is by now, please wear one.
  3. SOCIAL DISTANCING MUST BE MAINTAINED. Store layout has been changed to ensure everyone, including staff, always maintains a six-foot distance. Please pay attention to all floor markings, signs, and instructions given by staff and management.
  4. THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE STORE IS EIGHT. If there are 8 people (including staff) in the store, you will have to wait outside our store with the line curving against the storefronts running South (towards the Masonic Lodge building). Six-foot areas have been marked to maintain social distancing. We are usually less busy 10 am – 1 pm and are terribly busy on Saturdays.
  5. LEAVE NON-SHOPPERS AND CHILDREN AT HOME. Please do not bring non-shoppers with you. No children under 12 allowed in the store. We have limited space; please keep the store available to those who are shopping.
  6. KEEP YOUR SHOPPING TRIP UNDER 45 MINUTES. CDC and WHO guidelines recommend reducing the time we all spend indoors with others. Please be considerate and keep your shopping time under 45 minutes. With less people in the store at once we should be able to get you “in and out” a lot faster!
  7. DO NOT COME TO THE SHOP IF YOU’RE SICK. Stay home If you are exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms (cough, runny nose, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath) or are waiting the results of a COVID19 test.
  8. WE NO LONGER SIZE BODY JEWELRY. If you do not know your size, visit our website blog; we posted a sizing guide there.
  9. DO NOT REMOVE BODY JEWELRY IN THE STORE & DON’T BRING IT IN. We are not sizing body jewelry, so you do not need to take it out or show it to us. Likewise, please do not do anything such as stick your finger in your gauged ear, stretch it out, and ask us to figure out the size. Know your size before coming in.
  10. DO NOT REACH ACROSS ANY COUNTERS OR AROUND BARRIERS. Do not touch merchandise; a sales associate will assist you. Do not reach for your purchase at the register; we have a process in place so we can maintain six-foot social distance when you checkout.
  11. STAY OUT OF EMPLOYEE ONLY AREAS. Several areas have been clearly marked as “Private”, “Employees Only”, or simply with the word “NO!” painted on the floor. As well, they are roped off or gated off. Do not go into these areas. Anyone attempting to enter these areas will be asked to leave the store.
  12. CHANGE IN STORE HOURS. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. We are open 11 am to 6 pm.
  13. YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT. With these new policies in place, you may experience wait times before you can even enter the store. We ask for your patience.
  14. SOME ITEMS MAY NOT BE FOR SALE. Clothing, for example, is not for sale at this time. Check website for up-to-date information.
  15. CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS OR MOBILE PAYMENTS ARE PREFERRED. We prefer you to pay with credit/debit cards or mobile payment systems instead of cash. If you pay with cash, we prefer exact change.
  16. TOUCHLESS ENVIRONMENT. To reduce the time we have to spend on sanitizing the store, we ask that you do not touch display cases or other barriers in the shop. We will stop what we’re doing to immediately sanitize a surface; touching these surfaces will only delay your shopping experience.
  17. OBEY SIGNS. The entire store has been changed to allow for social distancing and, in some areas, one-way flow. Please look for and obey all signs or instructions given by staff.
  18. BE COOL WITH THAT PHONE. Rolling around the store with your phone on speaker or video chatting your friends … not cool. Ear buds or save it for later, please. And remember, no video recording or photography in the shop without owner’s permission.
  19. NO FOOD OR DRINKS. We no longer have a place in the store to hold your drinks, so please don’t bring beverages or food to the shop.

Other rules and policies that remain in effect.

  1. No Pets. Trained Service Animals welcome and we know the difference.
  2. No Strollers.
  3. If your credit card is unsigned you will have to show a matching government ID.
  4. You may be asked to check your bag. We prefer you do not enter with a bag.
  5. Premises under video surveillance.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

We’re all for freedom, but we cannot do, or not do, things that put others in harm’s way. It’s about mutual respect. None of us are enjoying the new policies that must be in place until the spread of novel coronavirus is under control. Likewise, none of us want to get sick. Our health and your health are our number one priority, thus these new policies. We care about you, that is why we are doing this. We ask that you equally care about the staff at Horsefeathers by following these policies. If you do not, you will be asked to leave. Flagrant violation of any Horsefeathers policy could result in your being permanently prohibited from shopping here. No one wants that!

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  • Danny Arenas

    God I miss you guys so much! I haven’t been there since your last day of closing and I made sure to stock up on Needed Herbs, smudges, Oils and Crystals. I cannot wait to come back to see what you have in stock after so long!