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Horsefeathers is Hiring

We are looking to hire one part-time sales associate; we definitely need someone to work Satudays, and can give you additional hours during the week based on your availability. Here are the details.

  1. To work at Horsefeathers you must
    1. be at least 18 years old
    2. have a valid driver’s license or government issued ID
    3. have a reliable means to get to work
    4. able to work Saturdays and nights. We close most nights at 7 pm and have you on your way by 7:30 pm.
    5. pass a background check, a drug and alcohol screening, and a math skills test
  2. Job Description
    1. Assist customers in store in finding and selecting merchandise.
    2. Answer customer questions
    3. Stock inventory
    4. Occasional light cleaning
    5. As silly as this next statement seems, we are looking for people willing to WORK. When our employees are not assisting customers, they are expected to stock merchandise or carry out other tasks as directed by the owners. Some former employees thought this position would consist of standing around when not helping customers.
  3. Retail store experience required
  4. The interview process stars with your application!
    1. Fill out the full application.
    2. Type or print all information clearly and legibly.
    3. Sign & scan your completed application.
    4. Email it to
    5. Do not bring the application to the shop
    6. Do not ask anyone at the shop about the status of your application.
    7. Please do not comment on this blog post for info or updates. Email us.
  5. We will email you to set up a date and time for a phone or in person interview.

What you may not know from visiting the store: we are a drug and alcohol free workplace. Zero tolerance for either having it on your person while at the store, or being intoxicated at work. We do screenings when you’re hired, and random screenings on an ongoing basis. We also have zero tolerance for any racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination due to religion, gender, sexual preference, or any sort of abuse, no matter the source, and that includes from customers.  We have a very positive, supportive environment within our workforce, and we work very hard to intervene and stop any of the above behavior from customers. We work hard to provide you with a positive work environment free of any of the above issues.

If interested, here’s the link to the PDF job application: Horsefeathers Job Application

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