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    No More Email and Phone orders

    06/27/2020 Effective immediately, we are no longer taking phone or email orders. We tried, but we’ve learned that when it comes to body jewelry, many customers do not know their sizes, and it is taking a lot longer than we thought to take orders. We cannot provide good customer service with our current process. By stopping orders we’ll be able to focus all our time on getting the inside of the store redesigned and rebuilt so we can reopen. AND WE WILL REOPEN but we don’t have a date yet. Thanks for your patience, and keep an eye on Facebook and join our email list to get updates on when…

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    Temporarily closed

    BASED ON THE UPDATES FROM THE STATE OF ILLINOIS AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSING OUR DOORS. Much as we don’t want to, It is the socially responsible thing to do at this time. We want to do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID19. Please watch this page, and get on the email list, for updates. We’re going to try to cobble together some basic e-commerce website for as long as we can ship packages, as well, we’ll let you know when we reopen. Stay safe and healthy everyone!   May 17, 2020 ————————————————————

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    Changes at Horsefeathers due to COVID19 / Coronavirus Situation

    Due to the current spread of COVID19 / Novel Coronavirus, we are putting the following changes in place immediately: We are moving all oil testers behind the counter. If you are shopping for oils, we will bring them to you with a disposable stick to sample the smells. We will not be sizing body jewelry until further notice. Please know your sizes. And, as much as we want your business, IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL, OR HAVE ANY FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS (FEVER, CHILLS, COUGH, CONGESTION, SHORTNESS OF BREATH) PLEASE POSTPONE YOUR VISIT TO HORSEFEATHERS UNTIL YOU ARE FEELING BETTER. This will keep everyone safe and healthy. On a positive note, during…

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    Horsefeathers is Hiring

    We are looking to hire one part-time sales associate; we definitely need someone to work Satudays, and can give you additional hours during the week based on your availability. Here are the details. To work at Horsefeathers you must be at least 18 years old have a valid driver’s license or government issued ID have a reliable means to get to work able to work Saturdays and nights. We close most nights at 7 pm and have you on your way by 7:30 pm. pass a background check, a drug and alcohol screening, and a math skills test Job Description Assist customers in store in finding and selecting merchandise. Answer…

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    How to Use Sages & Smudges

    Hello! We had requests from some of you on how to use the various smudges that we have in the shop. Here is some information that will help you smudge your space! If you click on the title “How to Smudge” you can download a PDF of this information. How to Smudge Even the happiest homes accumulate negative energy over time, so people find it helpful to smudge the home a few times a year. Some people smudge as much as once a week. You can also smudge your office space periodically (though preferably not during busy office hours), and you can even use smudging to clear your own bodily…

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    Crystals, Gems, Minerals at Horsefeathers

    Last month we brought almost 400 pounds of crystals, minerals, and gems back from a buying trip. We have a printed guide in the store for the items we have in stock. Below is a link so you can have a copy of that guide! Please bear in mind some items will sell out. We have most of these crystals and minerals in one form or another: Stone Bead Bracelets, Druzy, Eggs, Freeform, Hearts,  Obelisks,  Palm Stones, Pendants, Pendulums, Points, Polished Points, Pyramids, Rough Points, Sacred Geometry Sets, One-sided and Two-Sided Slabs, Spheres, Tea Light Holders. Crystals Gemstones Minerals List

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    Platonic Solids / Sacred Geometry Products

    Platonic Solids The Platonic Solids have been studied for thousands of years. They are named for the Greek philosopher Plato who hypothesized that the classical elements were made of these regular solids. Plato equated the tetrahedron with the “element” fire, the cube with earth, the octahedron with air, the icosahedron with water, the octahedron with air, and the dodecahedron with the stuff of which the constellations and heavens were made. Therefore, one could conclude that all matter in the universe is made of the Platonic solid shapes. Sacred Geometry System Add the sphere and merkaba and we have the enter the complex world of Sacred Geometry Systems. We can now…

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    Sages and Smudges List

    Hello all. For those who come to Horsefeathers looking for smudging and sage products, you’ve probably noticed the information sheet we put together that is tied to the sage and smudge rack. The below link is a copy of that document.  Smudge-and-Sage-product-information-sheet Have a great day!

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    Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals, Rocks

    Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals, Rocks If you’re on our mailing list, or following us on social media, you know we’re doing a survey to see what types of crystals or minerals you would like to see in the shop. If you have not provided your input yet, here’s the link! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DLGJLRC Your input so far has been great and really interesting. We want to make this blog post to address a couple of the comments submitted, and see if we can get some additional feedback. “Like that you have crystals now but even when you had your 50% off sale the prices were absolutely outrageous. You’d sell much more if you…